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Monday, April 17, 2006

Useful Standards Framework for Interoperation

In a very useful recent release the Californian Regional Health Information Organisation, or CalRHIO has released an interoperation standards framework along with a roadmap covering how they see these standards evolving over the next few years.

In their release they say they have worked to take account of all the prevailing standards initiatives in the US (from HL7, ONCHIT, Markle and so on) and have tried to form a clear direction forward.

This work is of interest in Australia because NEHTA is currently working to develop a standards catalogue, the work done here is a useful view, from other experts, on the way forward.

Notable to me was the use of the Californian HealthCare Foundation standard (ELINCS) for laboratory results communication and support of LOINC as the terminology used. This approach seems to support evolving the HL72.x standard in the same way is being developed in Australia. I hope this work can be jointly advanced until HL7 V3.0 is ready for prime time.

Also of interest were:

- The recognition that HL7 V3.0 is a little way off.

- The plan to use the HL7 (OMG) approach to Services.

- The non use of SNOMED CT in the Allergy Space where the is a developed subset already available for use.

- The planned phasing out of ASTM CCR by about 2010.

Australia could do worse than have discussions with the authors of this short (5 pages) framework to understand the rationale and motivations behind the recommended choices.


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