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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Are You Amazed At The Trivial Nature Of Recent Press Releases from the ADHA?

This appeared last week:

Patients in Tweed Heads benefit as Advanced Radiology Clinics joins My Health Record

25 June, 2019 - 9:00
Patients in Tweed Heads are benefiting from more convenient and comprehensive access to their scan results as local radiology provider Advanced Radiology Clinics connects to the My Health Record system.
Following patient consent, the results of scans and tests conducted at Advanced Radiology Clinics will be uploaded directly to the patient’s My Health Record.
Advanced Radiology Clinics is a small privately owned radiology group with four practices across the Tweed/Gold Coast area, including Tweed Heads, Murwillumbah, Kingscliff and Palm Beach Elanora. 
“Our company is small; however we offer the same services with exceptional patient care in collaboration with our local general practitioners. We appreciate the support for our radiology services,” says practice manager, Celeste Harm.
“Each day we perform examinations across all of our sites, ranging from CT, mammography, X-rays, OPG, Holter monitors, full body composition scan, bone densitometry for diagnosis of osteoporosis, echo cardiography, general, musculoskeletal, obstetric ultrasounds, intervention procedures under both CT and ultrasound modalities for the treatment of numerous conditions” said Ms Harm.
“Every examination is important to us and we want to ensure a copy of your examination results are safely available when and where needed in the future. With My Health Record, we know that you and your healthcare team will always have access to the examinations we perform at Advanced Radiology Clinics” she added.
When a patient has completed their scan, and their report is finalised, Advanced Radiology Clinics will then upload their results into the patient’s My Health Record. The imaging report won’t be immediately available to the patient to allow time for the referring clinician to review the results and discuss the findings with them. Patients will be able to access their report via their My Health Record 7 days after the report was uploaded.
“This is another step forward in connecting the health system in New South Wales,” says the Chief Medical Adviser of the Australian Digital Health Agency and general practitioner Clinical Professor Meredith Makeham.
“Over a third of us have some form of imaging every year, with many of us needing more than just one test. It’s easy to quickly lose track of your results, particularly if you don’t have a regular GP or when you are seeing a range of healthcare professionals to manage multiple conditions.”
“My Health Record allows you to keep your important test results safe in one place, which you and your healthcare providers can access at any time. Visibility of your information helps your healthcare providers make more informed decisions when providing you treatment or care,” she added.
The Agency is working with healthcare provider organisations across the country to connect healthcare professionals to the My Health Record system and improve the information available to consumers who have a My Health Record. The more information that is available in a patient’s My Health Record, the more healthcare providers have available to make complex decisions about a patient’s health and treatment options. The availability of diagnostic scan results in My Health Record will lead to improved health outcomes for all Australians and assist them to be empowered with their health information.
Here is the link:
You can visit the service from this link:
There you will discover that this is basically a country radiology practice with very basic facilities – lacking even MRI and nuclear medicine -  which most would see as a basic imaging mode these days. However I might be wrong as the web-site is still dated 2015 and lots could have happened in the intervening period!
At what scale of irrelevant news does the ADHA team of spinners say that enough is enough and we should provide somewhat important information to the public regarding their $2Billion + investment. Maybe they might devote themselves to updating us all on just  how much the system is actually being used by clinicians and what impact this is having on aggregate clinical outcomes.
It they had the data I am sure we would all be told about it, so I am sure they have no credible idea!
What do you think?

AusHealthIT Poll Number 481 – Results – 30th June, 2019.

Here are the results of the poll.

Should The Government Prioritise Safe, Effective, Accessible, Technology-Enabled and Convenient Pharmacy Services For The Public Over The Financial Interests Of Members Of The Pharmacy Guild?

Yes 92% (99)

No 5% (5)

I Have No Idea 4% (4)

Total votes: 108

Well that was pretty clear. We are all being grossly inconvenienced by a few greedy pharmacists.

Any insights on the poll welcome as a comment, as usual.

A great turn out of votes.

It must have been a slightly hard question as 4 /108 readers were not sure what the appropriate answer was.

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted!


Saturday, June 29, 2019

Weekly Overseas Health IT Links – 29th June, 2019.

Here are a few I came across last week.
Note: Each link is followed by a title and few paragraphs. For the full article click on the link above title of the article. Note also that full access to some links may require site registration or subscription payment.

Calls for BMA to oppose Hancock’s ‘ill-conceived’ ban on outdated tech

Setting “arbitrary dates” to stop using outdated technology puts patients “at risk”, regional medical councils have said as they called on the BMA to oppose blanket policies.
Andrea Downey – 18 June 2019
Several motions are expected to be discussed at the British Medical Association’s annual representatives meeting (ARM), calling on NHS England, NHS Digital and individual trusts to collate the advantages and disadvantages of all communication methods currently used in the health service.
East Midlands Regional Council proposed a motion labelling secretary of state for health and social care, Matt Hancock’s, flagship Axe the Fax and Purge the Pager campaigns “premature and ill-conceived”.
The region is calling on the BMA to oppose the blanket policies until “feasible alternatives” are determined.

Morale among some Ottawa Hospital doctors low amid 'chaos' of new records system rollout

Elizabeth Payne
Updated: June 19, 2019
Anxiety levels are high among some physicians at The Ottawa Hospital as it transitions to a new electronic health record system.
One doctor, who contacted this newspaper, said some physicians feel they were not adequately trained before the June 1 launch and are not receiving the support they need.
“We feel abandoned.”
In a statement, the hospital’s director of communications and engagement, Kate Eggins, said that 98 per cent of physicians had training. Additional training and support were also provided.

Data breach forces medical debt collector AMCA to file for bankruptcy protection

The aftermath of the data breach seems to be too much for AMCA to bear.
By for Zero Day | | Topic: Security
US medical bill and debt collector American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA) has filed for bankruptcy protection in the aftermath of a disastrous data breach.
AMCA was hacked last year in a time period estimated to be from August 1, 2018, to March 30, 2019, resulting in the theft of information from corporate clients including Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, BioReference Laboratories, Carecentrix, and Sunrise Laboratories.
The companies in question used AMCA's payment portal to bill their medical customers.

DirectTrust Urges ONC to Build on Existing Interoperability Networks

DirectTrust suggested ONC adopt a lightweight approach to its developing TEFCA draft that builds on existing successes in the HIE marketplace.
June 20, 2019 - DirectTrust recommended ONC build on networks and frameworks within the health information exchange (HIE) marketplace that have already proven successful in the federal agency’s Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) in a recent comment letter.
The non-profit healthcare industry alliance urged ONC to adopt a lightweight approach to the framework, and suggested the federal agency establish the minimum conditions necessary for efficient health data exchange to occur rather than imposing strict requirements.
“While we applaud the goals of TEFCA Draft 2 to advance nationwide healthcare interoperability between existing networks,” said DirectTrust President and CEO Scott Stuewe, “we advocate for a more agile and iterative approach, which would, appropriately, tie back to the goals of Congress in the 21st Century Cures Act.”