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Monday, August 06, 2007

A Tiny Rumour from Crikey.Com.au. – For Your Reading Pleasure

“Victorian DHS Healthsmart over budget?

How do you keep a program running when it is over budget, has delivered little and hospitals don't have the money to use its systems? If you give the hospitals the money the cost will be allocated against the program. If you provide the systems the costs will be allocated against the program... but if you give the hospitals an interest free loan to pay for the systems that they are supposed to pay back in five years the costs can be hidden and who will be around then anyway?”

The answer to that question - as we see from yesterday's post is virtually nobody!

I wonder is it true?

Not often e-health gets a run in Crikey. Good on them and thanks for this tit-bit!

It almost sounds like another e-Health initiative I can think of. Stay tuned for huge breaking news in that domain tomorrow.


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