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Friday, October 19, 2007

Last Opportunity to Contribute to the HISA E-Health Strategy Development!

Here is the invitation!

“With the election called and a renewed focus on the state of the Australian healthcare system, we have a window of opportunity to raise the debate and advocate for what we believe is the most effective element of any healthcare reform in Australia; the better use of information and information technology.

This online survey is aimed at establishing a Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) position on E-Health strategy and national policy. The results of the survey will be used in our approach to the political parties before the election.

We have used the 'E-Health Blueprint Framework' recently developed as part of the E-Health Initiative (see www.ehealthinitiative.org ) to structure the survey, and supplemented that with questions to extend the structure for the Australian healthcare environment. The Blueprint describes how E-Health systems and processes can catalyse the required transformation of Healthcare.

The survey is divided into six focus areas (each with an associated vision statement). They are:

  • Engaging Consumers
  • Transforming Care Delivery at the Point of Care
  • Improving Population Health (Data sharing capabilities and initiatives)
  • Aligning Financial and Other Incentives
  • Managing Privacy Security & Confidentiality
  • Policy and Implementation

In all, there are 42 questions, where you are asked to rate individual aspects of a proposed E-Health strategy. This is an important opportunity to influence the direction of E-Health in Australia and we invite your participation.

The survey is only open until Wednesday October 24, so get online now, just click on the link below and you will be taken straight to the HISA survey site.”

Now for non-HISA members we have a special offer..you can also have your say!

We have now built a page that records the person’s name and email address and then takes them to the survey site.

Please go to go to www.hisa.org.au/ehealthstrategy

You can then enrol and contribute!

Do it now!


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