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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Leaks From the BCG Report on NEHTA so Far!

Well it seems a few lucky souls have seen the Boston Consulting Group’s Review of NEHTA report.

From what I have heard, so far, the key recommendation, as expected, is for a dramatically improved engagement process with external stakeholders and for greatly improved transparency and public accountability.

With these recommendations being received by the Board – and seemingly now reaching a range of the more senior bureaucrats in NEHTA and the Jurisdictions - the time for the report to be acted on, and made public, has now arrived.

It will be a major test of both the Board and the NEHTA management to have a prompt release of the report, with an associated action plan. Preferably before Christmas! (What a nice present!)

Sadly I fear the signs are not good with news reaching me on the grapevine over the last week or two that Standards Australia and NEHTA Ltd signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding in February 2007 – but neither body bothered to let their volunteers, who do much of the actual work, know they had been ‘volunteered’ to undertake this role.

Just who will be the owner of the Intellectual Property created by the volunteers remains very vague indeed.

I am told that, because of this, at least some of Standards Australia volunteers are now actively reviewing their continued involvement. This comes just as the work is becoming increasingly important for any national e-health progress to be made.

Talk about a need for better engagement processes and openness!

I wonder when the we will start to see some changes for the better?

NEHTA should remember that a document this important will either be published or will leak - it is up to them which way we all find out about their pros and cons. We have a new Government and the fascist-like spin control they have practiced in the past - to the detriment of all - will no longer be tolerated. It is in their interest to come clean before they are forced to - and are then obliged to seek 'alternative career options'



Anonymous said...

Stop right there. FIRST change the management, THEN change the culture. The current management is not equipped to change the culture. That is the root of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Your final paragraph sums up what everyone (except perhaps NEHTA) thinks. We are not all that confident however that the Report, if it is ever released for public consumption, will not be so watered down as to lose all credence. Time alone will tell. One thing seems clear, our new Health Minister has nothing to lose by ensuring that no-one 'Dr's the report.

Anonymous said...

The Liberal Coalition Government provided a good example of what can happen when management loses touch with its constituents. Because the management wouldn't change the party couldn't change. John Howard believed his own snake oil and would not go when he should have. Are we witnessing something similar at the top of nehta?

Anonymous said...

A better example is what happens when you put someone in charge who has knows nothing about the industry and has never worked in it. LIKE John Fletcher at Coles Myer.

The 'sceptics' warned at the outset - don't do it - he has never worked in retail, he admits to knowing nothing about retail and he has never seen the inside of a supermarket. Look what a mess he made of that. And even at the end he said he he still not seen the inside of a supermarket.

It looks very much as though Fletcher and Reinecke could have a lot in common.