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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Flash from NEHTA RSS Feed!

This just arrived!

Peak Body Summit: 18 June, 2008

NEHTA is hosting a summit with Peak Bodies in the healthcare sector to discuss the introduction of Individual Electronic Health Record for all Australians. The event will be held at Rydges Lakeside in Canberra.

Location: Rydges Lakeside in Canberra

Contact: Kylie.willows@nehta.gov.au

----- End RSS.
There are no more details on the NEHTA Web Site that I can see.

This is all of 3 weeks away!

Where are the discussion papers so stakeholders can contribute via their peak bodies I wonder. A listing of which peak bodies are attending and who they represent might also be a good idea!

It really is time those who are interested in all this start to demand a great deal better.

This is simply not good enough!


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Anonymous said...

Mate there is indeed such a list. You can find it here:



Renai LeMay
tech reporter
The Financial Review