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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Money To Be Saved with E-Prescribing

The following brief appeared a few days ago

E-prescriptions could cut federal expenses by $29 billion over next decade

Federal health expenditures could be reduced by up to $29 billion over the next decade if all Medicare prescriptions were transmitted electronically by 2010, according to a new study by Atlanta-based technology trade association AeA. But "eHealth 301: Electronic Prescriptions" notes that although e-prescribing has increased over the past several years, only two percent of all prescriptions were transmitted electronically in 2007.

Source: Telemedicine and e-Health News Alerts

The full .pdf file is found here.


A very big number – even if only half true makes a compelling case!



Anonymous said...

Please note: This is $US that could be saved in the US. The Australian numbers will be different.

Aus HIT Man said...

I think the article makes it clear this is a US based figure. If we can do just the usual 3% of that figure - the relative size of our economy - it sure would help!


Anonymous said...

One has to deduce from this that if "only two percent of all prescriptions were transmitted electronically in 2007" then on the assumption that figure does not include prescriptions which are transmitted within the hospital system via order-entry facilities, it is reasonable to say only 2% of all clinicians send scripts electronically.