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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

NEHTA’s Amazing Silence on its New Funding.

OK this really has me surprised!

I went to the NEHTA web site today (2nd December, 2008 – 3.35pm) expecting to read some detailed comments and news on how NEHTA was going to deploy their new funding.

Checked the news release section and the rolling news items. Not a word!

Who else finds this a trifle odd?

I hope we see a press release soon that explains how the (our) money is to be spent!

No press release is very odd for NEHTA in my experience.


On another topic it is worth noting the commentary in Crikey.com.au from John Menadu on Health Reform today.

The article is entitled:

Menadue: COAG’s billions are a wasted opportunity for health

See here to read the article:


This bit really attracted my attention.

The introduction of e-health has been glacial despite the potential benefits in patient satisfaction, reduced costs and fewer mistakes with modern information technology This is not a political or philosophical issue. It is an operational and administrative matter for which government officials must bear the chief responsibility.



Anonymous said...

Such silence is quite odd. Maybe they're in a state of shock, still being resuscitated, or perhaps having an early Xmas celebration. For NEHTA, Father Xmas was early this year.

Anonymous said...

John Menadue's articles are well worth reading and available on the cpd website at http://cpd.org.au/

Anonymous said...

John Menadue is very insightful. I hope there are some left in the Australian Governments with the same capacity that are working away on something we don't know about because we will sure need it very soon!