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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Medical Objects Conducting Some Courses on SNOMED CT and Decision Support.

For those who may be interested I was alerted to the following a day or so ago.

The courses are to run in late March, 2009 and have as a prerequisite an understanding of the basics of SNOMED CT.

SNOMED CT & Decision Support

In March 2009, Medical-Objects will be delivering courses in Sydney and Brisbane on the use of SNOMED CT and its application into Decision Support. Delivered by well respected clinical terminologist Dr Peter Scott and Health Information expert Dr Andrew McIntyre; this workshop will give you an understanding of SNOMED CT and complementary technologies to effectively apply decision support within your organisation.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Understand what SNOMED CT is and how it should be applied
  • How SNOMED CT fits into the Australian Health Informatics landscape
  • Understand how rich electronic clinical guidelines that work with existing EHRs can be implemented
  • How to create rule based systems used for decision support
  • How to create structured Archetypes that are clinician friendly

About the presenters

Dr Peter Scott is a Brisbane General Practitioner with a degree in information management.

Peter worked for 5 years at the National Centre for Classification in Health (NCCH), until the end of 2005. NCCH is the body responsible for the development and maintenance of the classification ICD-10-AM. His main role was in research and development for the related field of clinical reference terminology. He has been a part of several consultancies for government looking at the integration of SNOMED-CT with local terminologies and data models.

Peter is therefore familiar with issues involved in the linking of clinical practice, (electronic) health records and reporting. He has worked with Medical-Objects between 2006 and 2008, whilst remaining in clinical practice.

Dr Andrew McIntyre is a Director of Research and Development at Medical-Objects, a Gastroenterologist, fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians and with a dedicated focus on health informatics. Dr McIntyre has become one of Australia's pre-eminent authorities on HL7.

There are few people, if any, in Australia with his combination of detailed IT knowledge, and knowledge of medical standards such as HL7, and a specialist medical background. His expertise in respect of HL7 has been attested to in letters received from a number of IT consultants, pathology companies and others. He is a member of Standards Australia IT-14-6-5 and IT-14-6-6 and is an active member of the Standards Australia archetype working group.

About Medical-Objects

Medical-Objects have an active standards-based research and development program. This program is represented around Australia at HL7 and Standards Australia meetings. Medical-Objects also participates in HL7 internationally where it has responsibility for V1.1 of the decision support language GELLO. Other standards, namely HL7 V2, SNOMED-CT, CEN 13606 (Archetypes) and the CCR/CCD (health record summaries), are used as platforms for the various editors and development tools that Medical-Objects uses.

All the details, forms etc are found here:


This is an important course for those who need to come to grips with this critical front-line area.


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