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Friday, June 19, 2009

Health Informatics Society Of Australia Workforce Survey Invitation.

The following comes from Dr Michael Legg, HISA President

Dear AushealthIT Blogger,

HISA is working with the Australian Department of Health and Ageing to get a better understanding of the health informatics workforce in Australia.

While there has been previous work on education in health informatics, this is the first time we are aware of that a study has been undertaken to characterise the jobs of those who work in the field.

We hope that you will see this as important enough to take the time to answer this short survey and so ensure we have a balanced and comprehensive view.

To begin the survey just click on the hyperlink below. You can also copy and paste the hyperlink into your browser to go directly to the survey site. You can contact the HISA office on 613-9388-0555 if you are having any problems with the survey.


The value of the survey will be greatly enhanced if it is distributed as broadly as possible. Please feel free to circulate this email to your network of colleagues or place it on the appropriate email list servers.

Thank you for your support.





Principal, Michael Legg & Associates, Consultants in Information and Organisational Systems;

President, Health Informatics Society of Australia.

I hope those who have not heard about the survey elsewhere will choose to respond.


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