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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life Matters - Radio National – 18 February 2009 - Provides a Diagnosis for E-Health!

The following was broadcast today.


The art of implementation: Geoff Gallop and Peter Shergold

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Problems with several new federal government programs like roof insulation, Green Loans and school building initiatives have been making the news.

While the policies and ideas behind the programs seemed impressive, the implementation has been challenging.

Academic and former Premier of Western Australia, Professor Geoff Gallop says an implementation plan is critical to the success of any new policy. He's joined by Peter Shergold, a former Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.


Professor Geoff Gallop

Director, Graduate School of Government, Sydney University and former Premier of Western Australia

Professor Peter Shergold

Macquarie Group Foundation Professor, Centre for Social Impact, University of NSW and former secretary, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Further Information

Geoff Gallop

Peter Shergold


Richard Aedy


Amanda Armstrong

Story Researcher and Producer

Ann Arnold

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This show provides a clear analysis of at least one key issue regarding what we find is wrong with Australian e-Health.

As these two experts point out – developing policy is the fun part. Assessing feasibility and developing an implementation plan that will work properly is the hard part which many public servants really struggle with and sadly, frequently ignore.

Mr Peter Garret I am sure has some sympathy with this issue given the problems he has had with the roof insulation program.

Mr Conroy also seems to be having a few problems with implementation as I type.

The lack of a quality and deliverable implementation plan and program for the HI Service strikes me as another good example that may well blow up in the face of the politicians.

We will know soon enough!

The conversation is well worth a listen about how these issues should be address at a high level!


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