Monday, August 09, 2010

AusHealthIT Poll Number 30 – Results – 09 August, 2010.

The question was:

Which State Public Health System is Doing Best in E-Health?

Australian Capital Territory

- 0 (0%)

New South Wales

- 3 (6%)

Northern Territory

- 9 (18%)


- 3 (6%)

South Australia

- 26 (54%)


- 0 (0%)


- 4 (8%)

Western Australia

- 3 (6%)

Votes 48

Looks like a clear win for the team in South Australia.

On a population basis the NT also seems to be doing pretty well.

I hope there was not any voting sneakiness!

Again, many thanks to all those who voted!



Anonymous said...

Now the curious thing is that South Australia barely pays any lip-service to NEHTA. We've just got on and delivered And NEHTA shut down its office in Adelaide two years ago.

Queensland and Victoria have been the biggest proponents of NEHTA.

There's a lesson there!

Love your new poll too - quick prediction: You'll be able to detect the number of executives in NEHTA that read your blog by the number of votes for an 'extreme' likelihood of success.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the negative correlation between Nehta involvement and success may be statistically significant. Maybe the coalition plan for eHealth is actually the one most likely to lead to success?