Friday, September 10, 2010

Good Heavens - They are Popping Up Everywhere!

It seems the e-Health Web Site population in OZ is definitely on the rise!

We have now had launched this new site.

The site is significantly sponsored by the likes of:

  • iSoft
  • CHIK Services
  • Telstra.

It seems sponsoring was just not getting enough cut through and now we have a much richer site which is just brimming with e-Health enthusiasm.

I do wonder how a sponsored, obviously professionally run site can have a .org domain registration however. This is clearly, at the very least, a venture designed to break even – or the subscription manager and journalists would be out of a job! Their ‘about us’ section makes as much clear.


All one can do is with them luck with this and the Community they are fostering

Don’t forget, for balance, to keep reading here:

and also here of course!

Exciting times indeed!



Mark Jones, Editor, said...

Hi David, thanks for your kind words. We've been really encouraged by the positive reaction of the health community since we launched this week.

To your point, the site is set up as a not-for-profit venture, Limited. Our mission is not to build a giant media empire but to foster a community of health professionals that move towards using technology as a tool for creating better patient outcomes, not for its own sake.

Our sponsorships are designed to cover professional editorial and online publishing costs, and it's great that a number of companies have stepped up to help us achieve this vision.


Mike Cadogan said...

Thanks David
Have signed up for the RSS feeds and will add to the 'funnies' section of my Google Reader...très amusant!