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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NEHTA Has It All In Hand So We Should All Just Relax and Enjoy - Or Have They and Should We?

The following re-assuring article appeared today.

E-health will become a reality this year

    Peter Fleming, chief executive, National E-Health Transition Authority

THE e-health program will move into the community this year with a rollout at the three lead sites and the broader second wave of projects, Peter Fleming says

With government funds flowing for delivery of the $467 million personally controlled e-health record system, Fleming says the second wave will spread the activity across the country.

"There were a significant number of responses (for the $55m funding pot) and these will allow us to dive deeply into various sectors, such as aged care," he says. "We've had people in the Health Department working right through Christmas evaluating these applications so we're ready to start the new year running. We're fairly close to being able to put forward recommendations to the minister."

Fleming says tenders for the National Authentication Service for Health and the GP software vendors panel are approaching finalisation, and new tenders designed to get e-health into operation around the country will be released shortly. "We're looking for private-sector partners to work with us on infrastructure, benefits realisation and change management, and this activity will bring a huge focus on the local community," Fleming says.

"We'll also start to see some real benefits from our work with the states. I've been buoyed by the data cleansing exercises the ACT government has been running for the Healthcare Identifiers program, for example. The results coming back are excellent, and Tasmania and Queensland will be next to run profiling exercises."

Fleming says the National E-Health Transition Authority will work with the GP software vendors panel to ensure their systems are upgraded to handle the HI service requirements.

More here:


I am sure Mr Fleming thinks things are just ‘tickety boo’ but there are still some issues to say the least.

This appeared on the NEHTA site a day or ago.

Context Document for the Primary and Ambulatory Care Healthcare Identifiers

Implementation Plan

This Primary and Ambulatory Care Healthcare Identifiers Implementation Plan has been developed by nominated representatives from the sector, with the assistance of an independent consultant, David Rowlands of Direkt Consulting. This plan was developed between July and December 2010, with a review by stakeholders carried out in January and February 2011.

A wide range of stakeholder organisations were consulted either individually or as workshop participants in the development of the plan. The list of stakeholders consulted during the development is included in the plan.

How this plan was developed

An Issues Paper was developed on the basis of consultation, and was discussed at a workshop involving representatives who were nominated by key stakeholder organisations of the sector.

The first workshop was held on 31 August 2010 which involved consideration of and direction setting about the major issues and this feedback served as a basis for development of a Draft Plan. This Draft Plan was reviewed by the nominated stakeholder representatives at a second workshop on 22 September 2010 and the feedback incorporated in a consolidated version of the plan

This consolidated version was reviewed and cleared for publication by the Department of Health and Ageing on 23 December 2010 and returned to the sector representatives in January and February 2011.

Future iterations of the Plan

Since the development of this plan in late 2010, it is recognised that there have been further developments within the HI Service and the Primary and Ambulatory sector which will need to be taken into consideration in a future revision of the Plan.

This little gem can be found here:


Astonishingly it was actually posted on Sunday 20 Feb, 2011 and the document suggests it was finalised late on that evening!

What this essentially says is - as you were, this plan is not right and we need a new one! Jeez Louise what a collection of amateurs these people are!

What a total farce!



Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "we need a few one"?

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Typo - read New One..