Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PCEHR Concept of Operations Released. - Comments Until May 31, 2011

The following popped up today as noted yesterday.

PCEHR Concept of Operations Consultation

The Draft Concept of Operations - Relating to the introduction of a PCEHR system provides details on how the personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) system may look, what information it might contain, and how it will function and connect with existing clinical systems.

It also covers participation issues, information management, privacy and security, and matters of implementation, evaluation and consultation.

The content has been shaped by the wide range of consultations which the Department and NEHTA have held with stakeholders-consumer groups, health professionals, the ICT industry and state and territory governments.

The PCEHR consumer booklet, e-health - have your say, is now available which describes key elements of the PCEHR system, and the impact it will have on health care.

You can also find out more about the Concept of Operations process by reading the fact sheet.

The documents can be found here:


Comments will follow later. Enjoy the browse!


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