Sunday, May 29, 2011

NEHTA To Be Discussed At Senate Estimates on Monday Afternoon. First Time Ever and About Time!

Here is the relevant part program for Monday May 30, 2011.


Outcome 4 Aged Care and Population Ageing

Output 4.1 Aged care assessment

Output 4.2 Aged care workforce

Output 4.3 Ageing information and support

Output 4.4 Community care

Output 4.5 Culturally appropriate aged care

Output 4.6 Dementia

Output 4.7 Flexible aged care

Output 4.8 Residential care

Outcome 10 Health System Capacity and Quality

Output 10.1 Chronic disease – treatment

Output 10.2 e-Health implementation

Output 10.3 Health information

Output 10:4 International policy engagement

Output 10.5 Palliative care and community assistance

Output 10.6 Research capacity

Output 10.7 Health infrastructure

Organisation – National e-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA)

Outcome 10 Health System Capacity and Quality

Agency - Cancer Australia

Agency – National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre

6:45pm – 7:45pm Dinner

There is a live video and audio stream. This can be accessed via this link.

Enjoy Monday afternoon! It will be very interesting to see who turns up from NEHTA.


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