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Monday, August 22, 2011

AusHealthIT Poll Number 84 – Results – 22nd August, 2011.

If EHRs are such a good idea, why aren't they happening all by themselves?

Not A Good Idea

- 5 (10%)

Not In The Interests of Those Who Have To Pay for Them

- 24 (50%)

They Are Only A Good Idea When Too Large To Happen Spontaneously

- 3 (6%)

They Are Already Happening Without Government Funding

- 16 (33%)

Votes 48

Fascinating split outcome - I look forward to comments on what people think it means!

Again, many thanks to those that voted!



Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people were confused by the acronym EHR. EHR sometimes means EMR (medical records within an organisation) and sometimes means SEHR (summary health records shared across organisations). In the US it is usually the former. In Australia it is sometimes the latter. We need to stop using the acronym EHR and be explicit about our meaning.

Anonymous said...

On that front I do wonder if we would not be better forgetting the "SEHR" concept and just enabling EHR systems with the ability to easily transfer patient data between systems.

It would overcome the privacy concerns and with online systems that should become normal in the NBN era you could allow "break the glass" access by the local hospitals with an audit trail of access. This would allow the free transfer of information with good privacy protections.

I think giving your Medical Data to Julia is something many people may be concerned about. I think the basic idea of the PCEHR is probably flawed. People are comfortable that their health providers will share their data in a responsible manner, but do they trust the Hollow Men?