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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A New And Very Interesting NEHTA Document Has Come To Light. The Number Of Copies That Have Arrived Here is Amazing!

The document is entitled as follows:

Specifications and Standards Plan

PCEHR System

Version 1.1 —30 September 2011
For Discussion
You may download your own personal copy from the link below.
What the document is proposing - in response to the fact that Standards are not ready for many aspects of the PCEHR - is a process involving the formation of Tiger Teams. These teams will produce Draft Standards for Trial Use (DSTU). These will essentially be the NEHTA specifications as previously developed.
The Tiger Teams will be made up as follows:
“It is proposed that the Tiger Teams are co-led by PCEHR participation and an IT-014-XX representative(s). If more than one of the IT-014-XX committees are involved, one would take the co-lead on behalf of the IT-014 community.
Tiger teams must also include suitable representation from the National Infrastructure Partner, Change and Adoption Partner, and the Benefits Evaluation Partner, as well as contribution from the Lead Implementation Sites.”
It is intended, apparently that this work will be finalised before November, 30 2011, so that all the Wave Sites and Accenture can get on with implementation.
In the meantime it is planned that the DSTU is tidied up, formatted and published, later, as an Australian Standard. This does rather seem to be a cart before the horse approach if we are to have a standards based PCEHR.
It will be very interesting to see the response of the IT-14 Committee Members to this approach. I get the sense they are not thrilled with what they are reading. Time will tell I am sure.
As far as I am concerned this is just politically driven nonsense which quite severely distorts Health Informatics Standards creation in OZ. But in these crazy times - so it goes!


Anonymous said...

NOWHERE TO TURN is more like it.

Anonymous said...

For readers of this document:

pcEHR ConOps: http://www.yourhealth.gov.au/internet/yourhealth/publishing.nsf/Content/PCEHRS-Intro-toc/$File/PCEHR%20Concept%20of%20Operations.pdf

Strategic plan: http://www.nehta.gov.au/about-us/strategy

The High Level System Architecture, the PCEHR Standards Analysis, and the Business Requirements: Apparently not released to the public, but available through the vendor portal http://nehta.gov.au/vendors

Nice of them to refer to the vendor panel in this document. How widely has that password been distributed? I guess it's one way to be open and transparent...

As for the Direkt Report: Apparently never to be released to the public.

The references may be the least fictional part of the document

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

"As for the Direkt Report: Apparently never to be released to the public."

Good news - coming very soon I am told.

As for the other documents. It is just nonsense they are not on the NEHTA web site for download by anyone.

NEHTA thinks we are all mushrooms. Come the revolution they will be the first to go! (grin)


Anonymous said...

The smell and stench of Labor's abysmal efforts in healthcare reform, eHealth, industry restructuring, private health insurance tampering is overwhelming and horrendous.