Thursday, December 20, 2012

The World Has Really Thrown Up Some Utter Jerks - So Bad It Is Beyond Belief.

Who ever the people are who are murdering the health workers in Pakistan who are trying to immunise children against polio need condemnation in pure and crystalline terms.

They are simply child killers and child murderers for the harm they are doing to the next generation of defenseless and innocent children.

Their stupidity, ignorance and bigotry just defies belief. All I can say is thanks to the philosophers and scientists  who brought us Western European Enlightenment that allows us all to understand just how evil and ignorant these people are and who have allowed us all to have a chance to understand there is a better way.

How on earth do we get these people to realise there is a better way?



Terry Hannan said...

David, your strong comments are valid and justified yet how did we get into this position? Through oppression and isolation over generations. I recall a colleague who was "invited" to Libya where Israel is not on their world maps. Also the wars against the west were referred to as the "payback" for the crusades. More recently in the Bosnia-Herzogovna war they placed all the refugees in tent camps without immunization protocols and as the orthopaedic surgeon pinted out we now have a new generation of childhood polio victims. "God" is used on both sides of these terrible social, UNCHARITABLE social issues because each believs they are right! Just read JWB ex-USA president comments. "God" gave him/them the rights to do what they do. I could go on but it is Xmas.

Anonymous said...

Terry said "I could go on but it is Xmas" and yes, David's post is a very sad one. All in the name of 'religion' - yet it flies in the face of "Peace and goodwill to all men" at this time of year.

But we can only hope for a better future for all in 2013 and that sometime soon sanity will prevail.