Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Break - Back Tuesday April 2, 2013

Do have a safe and careful Easter.


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Rosscoe said...

What Health Care!!! I am in a wheel chair recovering from a leg amputation last July 2012. It is Easter and it is Tuesday 2nd. I have not had a visit from my Hepburn Shire carer since last Wednesday week. It appears that the carer shouted herself an extra lengthy Easter and I am out of food, as she did not turn up to shop then when I planned on ordering food for the Easter week. Ihave tried to phone the Aged pension care people for help but it appears they have all taken Tuesday the 2nd as well. The whole system is run very unprofessionally and their employees are simply not sufficiently intelligent. I have had numerous problems with the Ambulance service }Abusive emergency call people and Para medics}, numerous problems with Ballarat health services and so far nearly 12 months wait on their equipment program,I am told that under the previous Government the wait was around only two months for a wheel chair and mobility scooter. I can not get transport to and from hospital appointments. They say that they can maybe get me there but not home again. A Taxi would cost easily $250 one way.

You tell me if we have a top notch Health and aged care system!