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Monday, March 31, 2014

Alert - A Major Healthcare Executive Symposium - Late June 2014 - Port Douglas.

I heard about this a day or so ago.

2014 Health Executives Symposium

Complexity and Transformation in Healthcare

Pullman Sea Temple Resort, Port Douglas – June 25-27 2014

Facilitating Partner: McKinsey & Company 

Here is the basic write-up.

About the Symposium

There is little doubt that you, the leaders of today’s healthcare organisations, face challenges which eclipse those encountered by executives a decade ago in their variety, complexity and scale. Challenges which defy categorisation, have more than one originator and are almost impossible to solve with existing tools and thinking.
These challenges have led to the development of this, the inaugural Health Executives Symposium. Developed by ACU Executive Education as an opportunity for health executives to learn new approaches for tackling emerging issues, the symposium includes tailored content from ACU faculty and framework from McKinsey & Company, as well as an unrivalled platform for peer-to-peer learning.
For over a century, ACU has enjoyed a strong tradition of engagement with the healthcare industry, and in recent years has emerged as one of the nation’s foremost insti¬tutes for education and research in the sector. We look forward to joining with you, the leaders in your field, to help shape the future of Healthcare in Australia.

Program framework

This symposium is designed to provide executives of the healthcare sector with fresh, stimulating discourse on organisational resilience and systemic thinking, in conjunction with tools, models and processes which will provide delegates with solutions to transform their organisations.
The program aims to be as customised to the particular challenges facing the sector as possible, with content which is highly relevant and a focus on peer-to-peer learning and the inclusion of real life issues which can be addressed in a group environment.
To facilitate this, we would like all delegates to contact us in the months prior to the event with a short explanation of the main challenges they face from an organisational perspective, and we will incorporate these into the program.
We will be using the Cynefin Framework to categorise the issues which are shared with us and to provide structure and unity to the program throughout the different sessions.
 You can find all the details regarding the program, faculty and costs here:
For those at senior levels in the health sector this looks to be a pretty interesting three day program.

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Anonymous said...

It's $7,000 to attend. Good grief. It would be about the same to pay the McKinsey partner to sit in your office for two days and delivery the program to your staff. Not sure that this would be a prudent use of healthcare funds....