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Monday, June 02, 2014

Live Blog - Senate Estimates On E- Health - June 2, 2014.

This is very much E&OE.

Programme 7.1 E-Health Implementation. Discussion started about 9:20pm

How many Australians now have a record? - 1.66M. Starting from July 2012.

System was up and running 1 July 2012 - Online Applications 18 July 2012

States and sector breakdown - also available - on notice.

Asked for percentages w.r.t. enrolments. ACT at 15%, Tasmania not known.

Public Hospitals Linked - 265 Overall. Hospitals now live mostly Qld (215).

Only 111 in Qld can upload discharge summaries.

When will all Public Hospitals connected? - Bureaucrats don’t know when will be done.

Specialist Registrations - 112 Apparently of thousands. No idea how many Private Specialists.

PCEHR Review:

Completed 23rd December - Released 19th May.

Response from Government - No date available and not available.

Funding for PCHER in Budget only covered for 2014-15 in Budget.

Cost of PCEHR Review - Total $196,000.

Departmental Brief On Review o Minister has been provided - No idea what next.

Transition to MyHR not funded.

Staff on Operation of PCEHR - Nope - Won’t Say.

57 Staff working on e-Health + 18 contractors in e-Health Division.

E-Health Summit -No one Knows What was being Asked?

NEHTA - Commonwealth Funding $34M for 1 year (IHI, NASH, Standards etc.). 3 States not yet involved to pay this year.

No e-Health promotional strategy at present.

No new promotional activity this year so far. (Not sure where going).

9:43 Moved onto Health Information Programme 7.2

What fun!



Anonymous said...

Amazed again that there was no interest in how many clinicians are actually using the system to view results.
Also amazed that there is not a standard report provided with some key information. The discussion should be around trends in the information, not requesting raw figures each time and having Ms Halton tell us the rate of new records created each day.
For example, I would like to see how may discharge summaries are loaded into the system as a percentage of all discharges, and then how may discharge summaries are being viewed and by whom.

Anonymous said...

So, Health and NEHTA have been allocated lots of money to do nothing.

This country is becoming a laughing stock. Search YouTube for "John Oliver Abbott". Even USA satirical comedians think we are mad.

Anonymous said...

This is worth a re-read. It's from the AFR, dated 24 March 2014, pre budget.

Secret Health Department plan to slash bulk billing

Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash appeared to rule out mandatory co-payments on Thursday.

“I understand there has been some public comment . . . but I can indicate to the Senate that the government has not considered the introduction of a co-payment for Medicare services,” she said.
end quote.