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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

E-Health At Senate Estimates - On Today - Scheduled For 4.55pm 25 Feb, 2015

Here is the planned programme for the day.


Here is the link to watch live:


Go to Community Affairs Committee.




Anonymous said...

The blind leading the blind. Trivial questions will be asked of people who don't even know they are out of their depth.

Trevor3130 said...

Electronic medical record was discussed at SBS Insight 'Saving Health'.

Anonymous said...

So anything juicy?

Terry Hannan said...

For anyone interested-I was one of the panellists.
Insight, Saving Health

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

The thrust of the part of the program that discussed eHealth seemed to be that we have a provider not patient centric system and that health professionals don't like to share information. Terry said "the whole culture of the medical profession is not to share information".

The question I have is "will the PCEHR address this problem?"

IMHO, on it's own creating a national health record system has no chance of fixing the problem. If NEHTA/DoH think that it will, without specifically addressing the culture problem, they are fooling themselves.

This program confirms my view that the PCEHR is just an IT system that won't solve the real health information management problem.

The rest of the program described how the whole health funding model is an impediment to better health care.

So we've got an inappropriate health culture and governments (not just this one) not addressing the unintended consequences of funding policies both working to prevent improvements in health care.

Silly little things like the PCEHR and co-payments are not going to bring about the major reforms needed to stop the health system slide into complete chaos and paralysis.

And unfortunately Australia is not on its own facing this problem.

Anonymous said...


Money isn’t the root of all evil -- unethical, maladaptive and perverted self-interest is!

In this context, Global Healthcare (along with crony capitalism!) has a reformative reckoning in its inevitable future...