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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

It Seems Clear The Department Of Health Has No Idea What It Is Going To Do With E-Health - But Is Just Rushing To Fix The System Without Really Knowing How.

Having had a look at the Legislation Discussion Paper Issued a few days ago I was left with a feeling of extreme vagueness as to what was to happen in the future.
You can read a discussion around this paper on the Blog dated 31 May 2015.
The discussion paper can be found here:

Over the last week of so the Department conducted some Post-Budget Briefings in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra as was reported here:

Well I have had reports back from a range of attendees from these sessions - including one conducted for Vendors - and it is utterly clear they have no idea of any detail, or methodology to move forward with spending all that money.

The most worrying feedback is that attendees were told - that while the obvious thing to do was establish the new Governance mechanism via the New E-Health Commission and then plan what is to be done the claim made was that it was all so urgent that the Department will do all the planning and just let us all know what they have decided!!

Given the fiasco this has been to date that claim would seem to be just stupid!

It is also clear from other responses at the sessions they have no idea how to really improve the useability of the PCEHR and have no idea how clinicians can be convinced to really engaged and keen on the system.

Overall the impression was that the Department thinks that the PCEHR is ‘a good thing’ but is not sure why…

Not good at all. As confirmed at Senate Estimates yesterday!

I think we now can be sure we have a strategy and evidence free initiative consuming our taxes and deferring indefinitely any benefits that might be derivable from a proper and considered e-Health implementation!


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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Ministers Strategy to get the nation healthier is to use Madden and his dancing troupe to keep the public running in circles