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Friday, March 04, 2016

If This Is Even Half True It Is A Total Travesty. Just What Does It Take For People To Grasp That Medical Records Are Private!

This appeared last week:

Lambie spent $30k to keep records private

February 25, 2016
Lambie spent $30000 to keep record private
By Belinda Merhab AAP
Lambie spent $30k to keep records private
Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie claims she was forced to spend $30,000 to keep her private medical records from being splashed across News Corp newspapers.
The former soldier told parliament a journalist from The Australian went on a fishing expedition to get access to her medical records following her long battle against Veterans' Affairs a decade ago for compensation.
She spent $30,000 fighting it and managed to redact details from the records after the Administrative Appeals Tribunal granted the journalist access.
But the legal battle didn't cost the journalist a cent.
She alleged the tribunal's then deputy president Major General Gregory Melick, now Tasmania's Chief Integrity Commissioner, may have granted access in retaliation for her speaking out about corruption in army ranks.
"You can imagine what fun Mr Murdoch would've had at my expense if my legal team had not been able to redact a large portion of my personal medical records.
"I suppose the balance of power in the Australian Senate is a matter of high stakes and all is fair in love and war to some people."
More here:
My view is that such behaviour is utterly unacceptable - I don’t care who the target of the investigation is. That such behaviour is not illegal is the worry as far as I am concerned.

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