Thursday, February 16, 2017

Its Rather A Pity That What Should Be Routine Provisioning For Clinical Systems Gets Into The News. It Had To Be ePAS Again!

This appeared last week.

SA Health hopes new hardware will fix sluggish EPAS

By Paris Cowan on Feb 8, 2017 12:08PM

Publishes data centre shopping list to cure doctors' frustration.

South Australia’s health department hopes replacing the hardware underpinning its notorious patient administration system will end bedside frustration felt by the state’s doctors and specialists over the sluggish platform.
The $422 million electronic patient administration system (EPAS) is currently used by about 8000 SA health workers in the seven health regions that have been part of the rollout to date.
But in many cases it hasn’t been the blessing doctors were promised, as they struggle with workstations that have a tendency to crash if users switch between EPAS screens too quickly, long waits to change between EPAS modules, and up to two outages a day.
In November last year, the system suffered a nine-hour outage that health officials blamed on a piece of rogue software eating up all its compute resources.
The department is now kicking off the replacement and decommissioning of two end-of-life IBM XIV SANs that currently host EPAS data within one of its three Adelaide data centres.
All the details are here:
From the problems described one would have to conclude this is long overdue!


Anonymous said...

Hope!!!! - is wishful thinking not sound management.

Anonymous said...

They should have gone with EPIC. Doctors at the Children's Hospital in Melbourne are quite happy.

Anonymous said...

Makes one wonder if the Kelsey Health Record will handle the influx of forced registration and all the Medicare data that goes with it, or have we been paying over the top for unnessary capacity all these years? Just how much will this library of scraps really cost? At at what cost to progressing towards a better future.