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Quote Of The Year - Paul Shetler - "Its not Your Health Record it's a Government Record Of Your Health Information"

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Some Seem To Be Taking A Sensible Approach To Digital Health. Good To See A Little Balance.

I came across this site the other day – from the Brisbane South Primary Health Network and was quite impressed.

eDigital Health – Health Professionals

Consumers want greater control over and better outcomes for their health, and healthcare providers want access to the right information when and where they need it. Digital health technologies contributes to improving health care quality and outcomes through facilitating effective information management, communication, decision making, and better care coordination and continuity of care.
The Australian digital health environment incorporates several digital infrastructure and technologies at national, state, regional and organisation levels. Brisbane South Primary Health Network’s Digital Health team is continually striving to support the improvement of the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of health services by facilitating the adoption these technologies, providing digital health education and supports to, and fostering collaborations among the health professionals in the region.

My Health Record

The My Health Record is an online summary of an individual’s health information that can be shared securely between the patient and authorised healthcare providers involved in their care.

Building Digital Health Program

The Building Digital Health Program is designed to support general practices to collect, analyse and utilize their clinical data.

Other Digital Health Initiatives

The Digital Health team is here to support all healthcare organisations with a range of digital health technologies and programs.
These include:
·         Secure messaging
·         Electronic Prescriptions
·         Recall templates
·         HPOS/PRODA
----- End Extract.
The web-site is still a bit rocky with some links not quite working but the broad coverage of topics and especially support of data quality and clinical care quality and review is especially welcome.
More emphasis in area other than the myHR is very welcome indeed and offers hope to us all I reckon.


Anonymous said...

Good to see there remain people out there across the breadth and depth of eHealth. Wonder why the ADHA did not pick these people up?

Anonymous said...

You may well wonder "why". It's too late now. ADHA has done its dash. Stupidity knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

ADHA has done nothing. Its downfall will be when it tries to do something - make MyHR opt-out. It will have to draw attention to itself - that's when the brown stuff will hit the fan.

Anonymous said...

Well that is not completely true. The ADOHA has deleted the past ten years of learnings, oscillated or completely run out of town a core set of experts in the community replaced with teams of makeup artists for the GovHR and excelled in making NEHTA look like an open, transparent and safe workplace from for festering bullies. So we have to give them credit

Oh and on there way to destroying more professional reputations.

Anonymous said...

@6:41 PM. Agree the ADHA is struggling to understand the collection of responsibilities, obligations, services and products it has taken on. The whole transition resembled a scorched earth policy. Now they are left holding the bag and no where to turn. It would also appear the are scratching the bottom of the barrel in quality managers, who seem bent on persecution. The CEO should probably step in and see just what is going on internally. If he is wise he we get inderpendant people to speak to the staff and avoid the middle management. He seems a smart chap so I am sure change will come.