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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And Even Smaller Countries are Doing It! – e-Health Planning I Mean!

Just a very short post for the collectors of National E-Health Strategies.

The document is one of a series produced by the Intelligent Nation 2015 in Singapore.

The overall project context is described as follows

“In less than ten years, every single person and business in Singapore will find the world - and everyday life - transformed by technology.

iN2015 is the blueprint to navigate Singapore’s exhilarating transition into a global city, universally recognised as an enviable synthesis of technology, infrastructure, enterprise and manpower.

It is a living plan that gives every individual and endeavour seamless access to intelligent technology - and with it - the capability to take charge.

It is the new freedom to connect, innovate, personalise and create.

Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) is Singapore’s 10-year masterplan to help us realise the potential of infocomm over the next decade. Led by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), iN2015 is a multi-agency effort that is the result of private, public and people sector co-creation.

From the people sector, individuals provided their ideas and views through focus groups and the Express iT! iN2015 Competition. The competition attracted thousands of entries from students and the general public on how they envisioned infocomm would impact the way they live, work, learn and play in 2015. In addition, hundreds of private and public sector representatives participated in numerous discussions to come up with ideas for transforming their sectors through infocomm, and how to translate these ideas into reality.”

A full collection of the reports can be found at the


This document was published in June 2006. The URL to directly download the report (44 pages) is as follows:


It is quite fascinating to see the commonality of issues being faced in each of these reports and the similarity of the overall strategic direction that is targeted. Of specific interest in this report was the clinical focus – which seems to have been driven by the number of clinicians and health sector managers involved in the plan’s development.



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