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Quote Of The Year - Paul Shetler - "Its not Your Health Record it's a Government Record Of Your Health Information"

Sunday, June 17, 2007

AusHealthIT reaches 200 Posts!

Well, to my amazement we have reached 200 posts on the blog. I thought that might make a good moment to report back to readers what is being read, how often etc.

As of 3pm 17/06/2007 the site statistics (since site metering was initiated in September, 2006) are as follows:


Total 14,549

Average Per Day 99

Average Visit Length 2:36

This Week 692


Total 23,952

Average Per Day 165

Average Per Visit 1.7

This Week 1,156

The 30 day moving average of page views is showing a healthy upward trend – allowing for the weekend drops – so I am encouraged to continue typing!

The major sources of visits are as follow:

Australia 66%

United States 12.3%

Unknown 5.0%

United Kingdom 3.5%

Canada 3.2 %

Rest of the World 10 %

The most popular items served by the RSS feed are as follows:

An Invaluable Reference on Health IT Value

1. Useful and Interesting Health IT Links from Last Week – April 2007

2. Personal Health Information Privacy – The Elephant in the Room.

3. Archetypically Stupid!

4. Electronic Prescribing – What is Needed to Move Forward ?

5. SA HealthConnect – What are they Thinking?

6. NEHTA’s Annual Report – What We are Not being Told?

7. Privacy Issues Related to the Proposed Access Card.

8. E-Mail Security and Clinical Practice – What’s Sensible?

9. SA HealthConnect Opens an Appalling e-Health Tender.

10. Clinical Research Information Now More Available.

11. E-Prescribing in Australia – Is there a New Plan

12. How Did iSoft Get into So Much Trouble?

13. AusHealthIT's First Guest Blogger Article.

14. Correction to Comments on South Australian OACIS System Security

15. NEHTA – How Far Has it Come?

16. Moving on Without NEHTA – Some Really Good News!

17. Even the Irish Recognise the Need for Better Health IT!

18. And Now for Some Really Good News!

19. A Few Other Things Regarding the AFR Article on E-Health.

20. Oh HealthConnect! – You Have Done it Again!

The article that has had the most impact to date with 195 visits and almost 400 page views was the short comment posted a week or two back entitled “There is Hope!”. I must admit to being surprised by that.

What I take from all this is that there is considerable interest in the news and associated commentary from the blog and that there is considerable interest in keeping an eye on some of the more dubious initiatives in the e-Health space.

Comments as always welcome – as are suggestions and tips regarding other topics that may be explored.

Thanks for reading!



Michael Legg said...

Congratulations on reaching 200 David! It is a landmark of longevity in a sea of change...

Anonymous said...

I keep coming back for the commentary...and so do others too. Well done on the 200 mark. Looking forward to the 400, 500 and 1000th!

Carpe Diem!


Tom Morgan