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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Crucial International E-Health Resource Announcement.

This is big enough to get its own blog entry.

WHO's eHealth Intelligence Report Goes Online

Wednesday, 04 March 2009

The World Health Organizations recognizes the impact of ICT on health and the potential of eHealth in strengthening health systems. With the passage of the eHealth Resolution in May 2005, WHO further endorsed ICT for Health. The Resolution mandated the organization to lead global efforts in Health and to report regularly on the status of eHealth worldwide.

For the past four years, the eHealth Unit has produced and distributed the eHealth Intelligence Report (eHIR) to interested eHealth stakeholders per email. Since its inception, the eHIR has experienced a revolution analogous to the revolution that has taken place in the field of eHealth: the number of literature available has exploded and the number of people interested in reading about it; in applying it; and in specializing in it continues to boom.

The eHIR is a service of the Global Observatory for eHealth. Published bi-weekly, it offers comprehensive coverage of eHealth developments worldwide and brings readers the world's opinion on eHealth.


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