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Thursday, March 05, 2009

An Offer to the E-Health Powers That Be!

Informally, I am hearing that while NEHTA and DoHA are aware of what I am writing on the blog – they do not feel it is worthwhile taking my offer – in the blog introduction – to offer facts or information to contradict the ‘just so many issues that are wrong’ in blogs I am creating.

Well good souls here is the offer!

If you can get your head around the fact that over 200 curious and hungry for e-Health information professionals read the blog each day then you are invited to contribute and clear up any mis-information / confusion that is found here!

The deal is I will publish any contribution that is made, comment free, in full and un-edited on the blog. Obviously readers will be able to comment and I may choose to comment – but that will be in a separate blog.

If you believe I have got facts, impressions, timelines, objectives or anything else wrong tell us all.

Sorry if there is a bit of overhead, but right now the NEHTA, DoHA story has only limited credibility within the e-health community. Here is the platform to, at least partially, fix that – or if you want establish your own open blog like forum where we can all have our say, ask questions and so on.

It is your call! Right now there are a lot of people who are pretty unimpressed with the lack of plans, vision, investment etc that is being seen.

I appreciate it might be seen as a bit of an arrogant ask to have 'the powers that be' take notice of the plebians - but believe me, you need the people who read here if you hope to bring any of the plans you have to fruition. There are a lot of serious people who care a lot reading here and this is a good chance to talk to the 'opinion formers'!

A lack of response will be interpreted by the readers here as one would expect!



Anonymous said...

Let's call it the National E Health Action Authority. We are past the Transition stage. It has a new Chair, a new CEO and support from many, many people and sectors.

The time for 'transitioning' is over. Action PLEASE!!!

Anonymous said...

Good idea David, but unlikely to be taken up (I suspect).

I had a meeting yesterday with two of the eHealth "Powers that Be" and the only things that impressed me were a) how little they knew about real, working, commercial eHealth programs, and b) how little they knew about cost-effective ways to get such programs operating on a sustainable basis.

It was woeful.

Anonymous said...


I'd like to suggest an alternative to the offer you make. I've been reading your blog over the past two years and I've found it to be remarkably good value as an aggregation of information from a wide range of sources. I don't agree with all your comments, but most I do.

What I would love to see is you tying together some of the threads of the topics you discuss, recommendations you make and comments your readers make into a cohesive set of guidance around eHealth in Australia.

A few years ago, I used to avidly follow a blog called 'identityblog' because I work mainly with identity and access technologies for a company that sells smartcard technology in Asia. Check out the blog at identityblog.com. The appeal of this blog was that it began with a whitepaper written by Microsoft's Kim Camerson, but then let many commentators progressively question, probe and contradict the propositions in the whitepaper. I didn't always agree with the author or commentators on that blog, but the eventual output a year later was a set of 'identity laws' that have become pretty broadly accepted. The important thing is that the blog became a community of contributors moderated by a principal author with the single goal of developing these principles or laws of identity.

Why not a similar concept for eHealth in Australia, and who better than you to start that concept.

I don't think NEHTA or DOHA will take you up on your offer, but I for one would contribute to a debate on the best principles and approaches to guide eHealth in Australia. I think your other readers would too. NEHTA sure ain't doing that.