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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

News Alert: Serious Differences Seem To be Emerging Between NEHTA and Some Clinical Messaging and Software Providers

I am hearing, from multiple sources, there are ructions emerging between those who are meant to be delivering the software for the DoHA Secure Messaging PIP program and NEHTA.

The differences seem to centre around some pretty fundamental technical issues and approaches. Specifically whether one secure messaging environment should be used for all secure messages versus different approaches for different message domains.

FWIW I reckon one should be enough! Feels like another example of NEHTA making things harder than they need to be.

How these differences are resolved will show just how consultative the “new” NEHTA has become!



Anonymous said...

From my own experiences with NEHTA, those vendors have been part of the problem all along.

Anonymous said...

That is so true - the small vendors want are a very big pat of the problem because they very rarely agree on anything and most MSIA initiatives where they are purport to have agreed start to soon fall apart when the rubber hits the road.

They do not have sufficient size, substance and resources to do anything other than what they do and they have no way of impacting the decisions made by the big boys - hospitals, health departments, large vendors, NEHTA, etc. They have some good people and good expertise scattered around in many little companies - but so what.

James Kavanagh said...


This isn't a fair criticism of NEHTA, the MSIA members and others who put a huge amount of effort into developing the secure messaging specifications.

The remarks you led with relate to a discussion that is ongoing within the PIPWG forum, which is an email list for anyone who wants to participate in the secure messaging work. They're specifically in relation to whether the secure messaging specs developed are fit-for-purpose for scenarios that are more akin to eHealth repositories than eHealth message interchange. It's a good discussion to have and I'm sure one that will continue, not a rift or a ruction.

I have done and continue to question a number of NEHTA's approaches over the past year but specifically in regard to this secure messaging area, the comments here are neither correct nor useful. In this particular area, NEHTA has been very collaborative and both MSIA members, IT14 members and others who have put in extraordinary amounts of effort to reach consensus.

Looking at my inbox I can see more than 350 emails stretching back six months on the PIPWG alias. Virtually every one of them presents an alternative view, difference of opinion or disagreement, some indeed are heated. There have also been countless face-to-face meetings and then IT14 committee meetings.

Achieving consensus is hard, really hard but don't discredit the good work of so many people with sideline speculation.

The anonymous commentator who dismissed the 'little companies with good people and good expertise - but so what' is disappointingly jaded. They might do well to reflect on the quote: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has"

By all means continue to seek to hold NEHTA, DOHA and others accountable as many of us do but let that be productive, not simply antagonistic.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Thanks James,

I look forward to seeing how it is all resolved.

Most of the people I am hearing from are not putting quite the same 'spin' (not meant to be derogatory) on things you are providing and are concerned the NEHTA Engagement Team may not be as responsive as might be hoped for.

Thanks again for the comment.