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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Struth A Real E-Health Failure Now Leads the Liberals!

It seems that Tony Abbott, former federal Health Minister is now Leader of the Opposition.

He apparently said he wanted to clean the slate and apologise for past wrongs. Well his e-Health performance is certainly one of those!

See here:


And here:


and here:


and here:


Miss Gillard – from Opposition sure had his measure:


More history available by using the new improved search down the side menu for “abbott”.

Remember this is the man who gave us NEHTA -and did not set the processes running to fix it late in 2007 just before the election having had the Boston Consulting Review in October, 2007.

Oh dear, oh dear!


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Anonymous said...

Witness the week just past in Australian politics culminating in a dramtic change of leadership for the Opposition Liberal Party. There are climate change believers and there are climate change sceptics. As with climate change so too with ehealth.

You can be certain no politician particularly those you mention Abbott, Rudd, Roxon, Gillard will have the slightest interest in ehealth - track records are proof enough. Clearly you and many others believe change is needed and there is an abundance of evidence in support of that stance and very little to the contrary. As the senior bureaucrats both state and federal insist all is well the status quo will prevail - business as usual. Nothing will change unless the grass roots users demand it.