Monday, January 17, 2011

AusHealthIT Poll Number 53 – Results – 17 January, 2011.

The question was:

Should Optimisation of Clinician E-Health Support (Systems, Secure Messaging, Decision Support etc.) take Priority over the Development of the PCEHR?

The answers were as follows:


- 22 (70%)


- 6 (19%)


- 0 (0%)

Probably Not

- 2 (6%)

No - Clinician Systems are Already Fine

- 1 (3%)

Votes : 31

Well that is pretty clear cut! The readers here think the Government is heading in the wrong direction! Not often 70% of readers agree!

Again, many thanks to those that voted!



Anonymous said...

I could not vote in this poll as there was no answer that was suitable. I only believe that some of these should take precedence over PCEHR.

Dr David More MB, PhD, FACHI said...

Do you want to expand on that view for the sake of the rest of us?