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Friday, January 14, 2011

This Is An Utter Disgrace and Shows The Government Doesn’t Give A Hoot About E-Health.

The World Health Organisation Released a Major Global Report on E-Health a week or two ago.

Global Observatory for eHealth series - Volume 1

ISBN 978 92 4 156416 8
22 December 2010

This publication presents data on the 114 WHO Member States that participated in the 2009 global survey on eHealth. Intended as a reference to the state of eHealth development in Member States, the publication highlights selected indicators in the form of country profiles.

The objectives of the country profiles are to:

  • describe the current status of the use of ICT for health in Member States; and
  • provide information concerning the progress of eHealth applications in these countries.

The countries discussed beginning with A are:


I think you will note the team at Federal Health are so embarrassed about their lack of progress they did not even bother responding to the request for information.

Just pathetic.


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