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Monday, February 07, 2011

AusHealthIT Poll Number 56 – Results – 07 February, 2011.

The question was:

Will NEHTA, DoHA and The Implementation Partners Successfully Deliver a Fully Operational and Functional PCEHR?

The answers were as follows:

For Certain

- 3 (5%)

Yes - With a Few Problems Along The Way

- 11 (18%)

It Will Probably Get Cancelled A Year or So From Now

- 17 (28%)

Not a Snowflakes Chance In Hell

- 28 (47%)

Well that is pretty clear. Readers reckon the PCEHR is a doomed dud! Good to see so many votes!

Votes : 59

Again, many thanks to those that voted!



Anonymous said...

There was no option: "probably not"

Anonymous said...

I agree "probably not" would have probably received 100 percent of the votes.

Anonymous said...

"probably not" suggests a chance of success and that is way to high for my liking. The timing of this project suggests that the politicians have little idea of how deep this hole is getting.

Its almost big enough to bury the entire Labor party in already!! By the next election expect the entire Nehta staff to be replaced by PR consultants, They will need every one.

Anonymous said...

56 votes hardly constitutes a "poll". It's clear to see that Dr. David got the result he was looking for. What is this bloke's agenda? (No, I don't work for Nehta but I do work in healthcare IT).

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Everyone who reads here (300+ per day) can vote and you had all sorts of options from very positive to very negative - so just how was I getting the answer I wanted?

If you don't like it here - don't read. Your call!