Monday, March 21, 2011

Guess What? You Can Now Leak To This Blog Without Risk That I Will Be Forced to Snitch on You By the Law!

Apparently there has been some really good news come out today from the Parliament!

Journo shield laws now cover bloggers and tweeters

BLOGGERS and tweeters will enjoy the same shield law protections as journalists under newly amended laws that passed through federal parliament today.

But the new laws, which aim to give protection against being forced to reveal confidential information or sources, do not extend to those who make anonymous comments on news sites and blogs.

The amendments broaden the definition of journalist to include so-called new media journalists, citizen journalists and independent media organisations.

The original laws proposed by Tasmanian independent Andrew Wilkie had passed through the House of Representatives but were amended in the Senate by the Greens and sent back to the lower house.

Backed by Labor and the cross bench, the amended laws “recognise the rapidly changing face of news, news mediums and the people who deliver it,” Mr Wilkie told parliament.

The broader definition was necessary to keep up with the the “seismic shifts” in news media, he said.

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What this means is that if you leak to me some crappy NEHTA plan then they cannot demand I tell them who it was who leaked as I have ‘shield law’ protection!

Of course I have never snitched to date - but this protection means I can really say - sorry I am protected and can't say where this came from - and that is the law!

All interesting documents are now welcome! Amazing stuff!



Anonymous said...

"do not extend to those who make anonymous comments on news sites and blogs" .... which says to me that we still *ARE* at risk?

Dr David More MB, PhD, FACHI said...

How can anyone know who an anonymous commenter is?

I am talking about people who send me material via Skype or e-mail and who I know. I will no longer need to say where it came from.

In this case it seems being identified is best - to me - but not to the readership at large!


Anonymous said...

...yes, but can we trust you! :)

Dr David More MB, PhD, FACHI said...

Your call!


Anonymous said...

I hope we have more 'Minority' Governments! Not 'Tea Party' Governments! I like the positive diversity coming though!