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Monday, March 28, 2011

Rumour Central: Wave 2 PCEHR Projects Apparently To Be Announced Tomorrow!

The rumour goes that Health Minister Roxon will dig herself into a deeper hole tomorrow when she announces those who have had the misfortune to win Wave 2 projects in the PCEHR program.

More waste seems to be inevitable and no apparent release yet of the Concept of Operations for the project means it will be hard to know who is doing what with whom.

A leadership, governance and financial mess seems pretty likely to me if the approach is not radically re-designed. We will all know in just over a year, and hopefully much sooner if there is any hope or not!



Anonymous said...

So can I place a bet considering the politics and background shenanigans that have been going on:

- The RACGP will get funding for some vaguely defined GP summary health record

- The Aged Care IT Council will get a bucket of money for some hair brained aged care medication management project, which they wont have a chance of delivering

- A GP division in Victoria, maybe Barwon or Geelong or other regional GP division will get a guernsey

- The Esperance / Gold Fields GP division will get the WA ticket

- One of the usual government subsidised companies, probably Michael Georgeff's Precedence will get a bunch of money, a small portion of which will actually go into chronic care

- A QLD GP division will get money to work with QLD Health on primary to acute care handover, perhaps Gold Coast or Townsville

- NT will get some money for an aboriginal chronic care project

Just a guess as a frequent bystander in these shenanigans. All politically saleable, but most importantly all buying the appearance of cross-sectoral and cross-jurisdictional support

Anonymous said...

David, you write that "Health Minister Roxon will dig herself into a deeper hole"...
Now don't get me wrong with my next comment - I am no fan of what the Feds are doing here, but don't you think your vocal comments that only/consistently find fault in what the Feds do, have dug YOU into a hole whereby your readers think/see that even if the Feds do something good on the PCEHR, you won't be able to acknowledge it.
While there’s nothing wrong with a blog with an agenda (although the US HISTalk does well without one), I think your readers want to see something that doesn’t come across as blind criticism.
As someone who’s followed you for a while I hope you understand that constructive nature in which my own critisim provided. The blog is just becoming too darn political to read..

Dr David G More MB PhD said...


It is not political. The issue is that this is just awful policy in my view and I feel the need to say so. If that offends - sorry. This is the future of e-Health that I am really very worried about!

If you don't agree please just don't read or provide reasons. If you believe there is a sound view that I have it wrong and that the PCEHR is sound policy - please post here or if you have a lot to say send me a file for a guest blog!

I am more than happy to post any rational contrary view!


Anonymous said...

Hey it's a free country and surely David can say what he likes. I like the way he has a go at the government, nehta and the pollies. It's a refreshing change, and it probably keeps them all on their toes, or at the very least keeps them entertained. I bet they read this blog every day! It would all be so boring without David's blog.