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Monday, August 29, 2011

AusHealthIT Poll Number 85 – Results – 29th August, 2011.

The question was:

Are The Planned Risk Managment And Governance Frameworks for the PCEHR Adequate?

For Sure

- 0 (0%)


- 2 (7%)

Probably Not

- 3 (11%)

Of Course Not

- 21 (82%)

Votes 26

A stunningly clear cut vote. This project is not being managed as it should be!

Again, many thanks to those that voted!



Anonymous said...

My understanding is that DOHA and NEHTA staff are hoping and praying (is that risk management) that the PCEHR will not end up on the increasingly long list of epic fails that our current Government is becoming famous for.

That is if you can call a dumbed-down, de-scoped Orion implementation a PCEHR. It will be interesting to see if all of these $$M in Design Specs produces anything but a copy and paste from NSW Health.

It will also be interesting to hear the drum roll on 30th June as the PCEHR is unveiled for all consumer who want one to register for this amazing PCEHR.

Anonymous said...

It will not be deemed a failure, even if it does not work - it will take a number of years for this to be evident.

If there is a small take up initially, will be seen as hesitation from the population - who will be won over, rather than any commentary on the model itself.

The lack of clear benefits from those in the PCEHR model, will be put down to 'it takes time to build a useful repository'.

If the PCEHR is indeed an expensive failure, it will take years and a change of Govt to ascertain it.

I will just stick to crossing my fingers and hoping I am mistaken and this is going to work.

I've been wrong before, invading Russia was a really stupid idea.


Anonymous said...

I am praying and thinking positive thoughts about the demise of Craig Thomson. Say perhaps he'd make a good head of NEHTA?

Anonymous said...

"It will not be deemed a failure, even if it does not work".

Correct. The Department will do what it has done many times before - hold a 6 month or longer review when things get really bad and then produce a report titled LESSONS LEARNED from NEHTA. Then they will move right along to another half-baked extravaganza justified by the report just produced; unlike Napoleon who actually realised the error of his ways and admitted he was wrong to have invaded Russia..