Monday, November 21, 2011

AusHealthIT Poll Number 97 – Results – 21st November, 2011.

The question was:

What Chance Do You Think There Is DoHA and NEHTA Will Address The Issues Raised By the MSIA Fully and Correctly?

For Sure
- 1 (4%)
-  0 (0%)
Probably Not
-  5 (18%)
They Will Just Be Ignored
-  19 (76%)
Votes: 25
An astonishingly clear vote. You have to wonder why the MSIA are bothering if this is true. As always time will tell!
Again, many thanks to those that voted!


Anonymous said...

I really do wonder why MSIA bother as well.

This current Government has been atrocious and it's anti-business philosophy and share-holder value destruction will set the Australian eHealth industry back by a decade.

DOHA and NEHTA have a warped view of the industry, slanted towards recurring budgets to fund out of control payrolls at the expense of taxpayers and private enterprise. There has been nothing of value to show for this spendathon and it is a disgrace.

MSIA have been very politely representing the interests of investors and employees in the Australian eHealth industry but wilfully ignored. They are either too polite, or fearful of retribution from the public servants, to stage a protest or blackmail the Government in the same sickening way that the Unions are blackmailing QANTAS at the moment.

Anonymous said...

"They are either too polite, or fearful of ... "

Hey, let's get it into perspective. They represent many vendors, they are full of conflicting interests, and within that context they genuinely attempt to put a balanced message to Government and the Department without upsetting the recipients of their message or their constituent members. Consequently the recipients of their message can easily intimidate the MSIA, and they do. In short because of this mix the MSIA are on a hiding to nothing and will remain ineffective for as long as they try to keep ALL their constituents and the bureaucrats happy. This has been said many times before but the MSIA have been unable to resolve the conflicting situation it has so adeptly and naively put itself in.

Anonymous said...

Blame the messenger?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that they're always polite and are losing patience as David said recently:

Geoff's article in pulse a few days ago says it all really: