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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Well That's Your Bloomin Lot For The Year!

Well it has been a fun ride in 2011!

Thanks for all who read and especially those that commented and added so much value for the other readers and yours truly!

I will be back next year and in the mean time have a Safe and Happy Christmas / New Year Holiday.

I has been a privilege to be able to stimulate and maybe occasionally educate!

I hope 2012 brings all you wish for you and yours.


p.s. There will be the odd urgent post if amazing news breaks!



Anonymous said...


Thanks for your efforts in keeping this blog going.

We may not always agree but communication and sharing of information is always part of the solution.

Also in late breaking news, Santa has put NEHTA in charge of Christmas ......we look forward to celebrating Christmas Eve on the 23rd of June.


Anonymous said...

23rd of June? Which year?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Which year?

I have a Cougar Team working on that question as we speak.