Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It Seems That The NEHRS System Infrastructure Is Now All Complete And Operational. Wow!

The following appeared today:

PCEHR infrastructure finished

The national infrastructure for the PCEHR has been completed, with the final components allowing doctors to upload and view ehealth records.

Other pieces completed include the healthcare provider portal, and healthcare provider PCEHR registration.
More here:

You can - if you have the a NASH Credential (well actually any DoHA issued credential will work as NASH is still a few years away) log in and then access the records of patients who have said you can. (Of course how they have told you that is a bit hard to fathom just yet!)

For those lucky souls here is the URL:

I am just speechless with excitement and look forward to comments from a few lucky provider souls who can tell it how well it all works!

Among the other things apparently claimed are that:

“The components that will allow GP software to upload and view eHealth records has also been implemented.”

This seems all a little premature and untested at this point - to say the least! Anyway there is very little to look at if you do get to log in!

One really has to wonder just what is actually going on.

On that theme the NEHRS has always known me as DAVID MORE DOB XX/XX/1949.

When I popped on today suddenly I am DAVID G MORE (same details).

I was able to check back as I had a screen capture from the 7th of August that has the old name!

Also it seems the Audit Trail does not get retained or can't be displayed beyond about 20 entries - or the name change has done something - and earlier records are lost. The IHI is the same and all the data seems to be present.

So finished infrastructure that really isn’t and certainly has not been fully tested, names changing for no reason - It just gets better and better.



Anonymous said...

Is G not your middle initial David? Perhaps the finished infrastructure includes a webservice to retrieve the full demographics of a record.....

I believe if you scroll to the right in your audit view you'll discover paging options to display your earlier audit records.

Oh - and the clinical parts of the system (B2B and Provider Portal) have been under test by vendors since March.

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

Yes to G! Why was this not from day 1?

Point 2. So why is that not obvious? Will test. Add: Yes it is there but on the wrong side of the screen so you can't see it unless you know. The designers are just idiots to do it this way!

Point 3. Sure they have been under test - so is it working and what is it doing?

This is a rubbish untested, unusable system which should not have been released.


Anonymous said...

My middle initial does not show. Does that mean my record uses a different web service to David G's? I feel badly done by.
Agreed that having to scroll about to find edit buttons or additional page options is not good. But I am getting used to having to ferret around looking for the button. At least they are consistently hard to find.
As for the B2B and Provider Portal clinical parts - they have been testing for 6 months? Wow - that is a very long time, but we all know how important it is to test clinical systems - safety, quality usability, etc, before you release them. I reckon it will be another 6 months before we see clinical input from GP and hospital systems. Meantime, I will keep checking to see if my middle initial has appeared.

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

Let us face it. This is a shambles. If you have a middle name / initial it should be there in a National System - not pop in and out.

As for the other comments..a consumer system is what this is meant to be! It ain't.