Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh No! Not Again! Here Is What Happened Just Now With The NEHRS. 10:15pm Aug 15, 2012

Just logged in.
Got to the main record screen and guess what? Here is what I got.
Error Details:
An error has occurred processing your request.
Worse the records I had entered have gone:
I had recorded allergies and current medications. 4 serious allergies and six medications I am on. Here is what I got.
Allergies and Adverse Reactions
You can enter substances to which you have known allergies and/or the reactions that occur when you come into contact with the substance.
Click “Edit” to update your Summary. All healthcare professionals who have access to this eHealth Record will be able to see this information. No Restricted Settings can be placed on this Summary.
You are encouraged to keep your Personal Health Summary current to ensure it is valuable to healthcare professionals involved in your care
Note: Your healthcare professionals are not obliged to review your summary. You should visit your healthcare professional to discuss changes in your health or any important concerns you may have.
No Allergies and Adverse Reactions associated with this record.
Current Medications
You can enter the medicines you are currently taking (including over the counter medications), the reason why you are taking the medication (e.g. blood pressure or vitamin deficiencies) and any additional comments you would like to include.
Click “Edit” to update your summary. All healthcare professionals who have access to this eHealth Record will be able to see this information.
No Current Medications associated with this record.
And the Medicare Services Overview has also died.
Error Details:
An error has occurred processing your request.
Here is the audit rubbish:
15/08/2012 10:14:33 PM getIndividualDetailsViewIndividualReadIHIxxxxxx01181142493
And it is my record!
MORE, DAVID DOB xx-Feb-19xx (6x yrs) SEX Male
All I can say is WTF. These people need to just be fired, the lot of them.
Note: It seems I picked the one hour this week to see if the system was working that it wasn't. So why no warning screen at logon? Clowns.


Anonymous said...

Hi David, this is a scheduled maintenace window as stated in the service avalibility window, however this must have only appeared in the last day or so, if they stick to there promises this would be inline with the provider services they intended to bring online.

I have to admit from a project perspective they should have a list of pre-defined windows in line with an implementation plan, the approach towards communications does worry me though

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

So it would seem. So why was there not a screen that said System Not Available - when you logged in?

Notification of planned outage
Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record system downtime scheduled for 10:00pm Wednesday 15 August 2012.

"The system will be unavailable for a period of approximately one hour. During this time, maintenance to the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record System will be performed.

We apologise for any inconvenience. Contact the eHealth helpline on 1800 723 471 for assistance during this period."

See here:


Anonymous said...

"These people need to just be fired, the lot of them."

As long as they start at the very top of DOHA and NEHTA, the NEHTA Board inclusive, and work their way down the firing line from there.

Anonymous said...

you beauty I thought - they must be fixing my organ donor status in the system update!
But no - it still says:
"Australian Organ Donor Register - AODR
No organ donations registered."
Even though Medicare and me say I AM an organ donor.
Personally controlled? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can expect more of this. You have to do it to fix a buggy system.
I am not sure if they have a scheduled outage page, which they should have.
I also believe that scheduled outages should occur in the AM hours, not the PM hours. Probably 1am to 5am is the norm!

They need some professionals on this!

Anonymous said...

"I had recorded allergies and current medications. 4 serious allergies and six medications I am on."

Presumably, these have all arisen/been prescribed since the commencement of the PCEHR/NEHRS project?

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

Why would you think this was all new. This is meant to be something someone can look at when I am hit by truck and covers stuff that has occurred back 30 + years to today.


Anonymous said...

I was merely (playfully) suggesting that your crusade against the PCEHR/NEHRS may have been detrimental to your health.

FWIW, information that I have entered into NZ's (private sector), on-line, Personal Health Record system - Manage My Health - has also vanished - so you are not alone!

Anonymous said...

Orion's Portal software may well be a bit leaky if the same behaviour occurs consistently across the Tasman?

Or Oracle's HTB may not be as transaction-oriented with unquestioning data integrity as it's billed to be?

Or Accenture may well be exhibiting a cack-handed attempt at developing, integrating and deploying software?

Or eHealth professionals may not know their elbow from their a-hole when it comes to software development and deployment generally?

Someone be the judge, and hold whomever is blatantly incompetent accountable, please.

Otherwise they, in their dereliction of duty, are the ultimate and inevitable incompetents.

NEHTA anyone??

Anonymous said...

Manage My Health (MMH), in NZ, has nothing to do with Orion, Accenture or Oracle; it's a Medtech only product. The issue of my missing medication entries is currently under investigation. This is a shame because I was initially quite impressed with MMH, but am now disappointed to lose information and to see no providers in my practice when I tried to make an appointment for a 'flu jab!

However, as someone with nearly 30 years software design and development experience - many in domains outside eHealth - I do appreciate the numerous challenges involved and it is a long game that requires a fair degree of patience.

Furthermore, I certainly don't see why all eHealth professionals should be regarded as incompetent. In referencing MMH, my point was to show that there can also be problems with the bottom-up, vendor-driven, approach as well as the NEHTA-style one.