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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NEHTA Achieves A Personal Best In Fake Helpfulness.

Popped on to the NEHTA website a few days ago and found this page on ePIP.

ePIP Support

From 1 February 2013, the PIP eHealth Incentive eligibility requirements change.
To help practices meet these new eligibility requirements, guidance is available for both organisations providing support to General Practice as well as for General Practices registering independently for the ePIP and meeting each of the five requirements.
Practices are strongly encouraged to read the PIP eHealth Incentive Guidelines and use the ePIP Compliance Checklist contained in the General Practice Registration Workbook to help establish eligibility for the ePIP.

What is ePIP?

The Practice Incentives Program (PIP) eHealth Incentive aims to encourage General Practices to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in eHealth to assist in improving administration processes and enhancing the quality of patient care by, for example, supporting the capacity to share accurate electronic patient records. More Information

Registration Collateral

General Practice Applying Independently
  • Guidance and support materials to register and meet the five ePIP requirements are available here. This includes more detailed information for each requirement, exemptions, compliance dates and associated application forms.
  • More Information
Organisations Offering Registration Workshops for General Practice
  • General Practice Registration workshops - here you will find workshop guidance and support materials for organisations to provide General Practice Registration workshops. This includes webinars, an approach overview, checklists, and tips and tricks for a successful workshop.
  • More Information
NOTE: We will continue to update and make new guidance and support materials available so check this website frequently. You can also sign up for an RSS feed.
See here:
This heading intrigued me:
Organisations Offering Registration Workshops for General Practice
So I clicked more information only to find this.

Organisations Offering Registration Workshops

Organisations providing workshop registration support to support General Practices registering for ePIP can use these materials to plan and deliver registration workshops.
The workshop has been designed specifically for General Practices registering for ePIP, however the forms and guides can be used by other providers to support them in registering for their NASH PKI certificates and the personally controlled electronic eHealth record (PCEHR).
Practices are responsible for ensuring that they have met each of the five ePIP requirements at the time their ePIP application is submitted.

General Practice Registration Workbook Contents

NOTE: Release notes will be added once a new version is uploaded.
There followed a list of some 30 NEHTA documents dated 17/01/2013 follows.
See here:
So, in summary, we are offered a course (actually just a few documents) but no listing of who is offering to explain and each it and when. I think a list of who is running workshops or who to call to have all this explained and taught must have got lost. Or does it not exist? I wonder who the target organisations are and have they been told all this stuff is available and been given a guide on how it is best used? I guess the top document on the list on how to seek help via the help desk is what is your best bet.

More than that it is all a bit circular with no apparent list of where workshops and so on are being offered and referring back to the same page.

I guess NEHTA have provided the documents so they have ‘delivered’ but not actually! Talk about not being able to manage a party in a brewery!

Again we really see just way too little and it being delivered way too late.


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