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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Now The Audit Trail In The NEHRS / PCEHR Is Not Working Properly. This is Really Getting Silly.

With the discussion in the blog on Audit trails I thought I would try mine out.
Here is what I got

Search and View Audit Log

Your audit log contains the details of all the activity on your eHealth Record. You can search for activity on specific dates by entering a start date (From) and an end date (To) in the fields below and clicking on “Search”.
System Error: Please contact the Helpline on 1800 723 471 for further assistance. Error Code : 130100
If you have any enquiries about the content of your Audit Log contact us on 1800 723 471.
* From:                             * To:     
Tip: You can sort the data in each column by clicking on the heading.
Approval Date/Time                            Operation Performed                             Organisation Name   Role             Access Condition                                  Action Type           Subject Type        Subject
No data to display.
I wondered what was going on and so tried for some other dates.
What I found was that you could get about three months data and after that the system crashed. You got the whirly frozen Windows errors as well and the whirly from the application.
Remember I have had a NEHRS record since early July - so clearly some of my data is not accessible.
Just why we paid such a large sum of money for such a mess really beggars belief.
Heavens knows what is going on, but there is no sign of any real adults being in charge..


Anonymous said...

Such a shame, as being able to see who has accessed your record is one of the central tenets of the NEHRS.

Anonymous said...

Even when you see the audit log, many of the hyperlinked document ids do not work. When I click on them, I often get:
"Error Details
An error has occurred processing your request."

And for those hyperlinks that do work, I am unable to navigate back to the original list and have to start the whole audit log process again, re-select the dates and watch the whirligig.

Anonymous said...

Do these people STILL think they have delivered a working system? Dream on if they do.

I was waiting for Roxon to mention the PCEHR in her list of "achievements" in her 'farewell speech' but it was noticeable by its absence!!

Anonymous said...

you cant access your document - is it deleted? Cause I can....

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming those finding problems with the PCEHR are contacting the PCEHR support team to report bugs.

It would be nice to see the number of reports per qtr, the number of reports closed with a fix or left unresolved and the average time taken to resolve problems.

-- Tim C