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Friday, April 12, 2013

This Is A Really Interesting Development In Information Sharing and Interoperation.

The following appeared a little while ago.

EMIS and TPP share data

18 March 2013   Rebecca Todd
EMIS and TPP are working on a data-sharing agreement to allow clinicians to see information held in each other’s systems.
The GP IT companies plan to deliver one-to-one local health community data-sharing for clinical commissioning group areas using both EMIS and TPP systems.
The new agreement, described by the companies as “groundbreaking” and “momentous”, means clinicians using one system will be able to view patient records from the other system.
This will be subject to sharing agreements and patient consent at the point of care.
EMIS managing director Neil Laycock told EHI the two companies were working together to find pilot sites for the new data-sharing arrangement. Areas with high populations of TPP and EMIS users tended to be in the North East and South East of the country.
The functionality would then be rolled out across England.
 “It’s fantastic that we can offer this level of integration to the NHS for free. This will transform the delivery of patient care across the NHS,” he said.
More here:
The terms used to describe this eventuality are more than reasonable - given the market position of these two players in the UK market - i.e. very large.
It might be a while before this sort of outcome can be replicated in Australia I suspect.

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