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Sunday, April 28, 2013

This Is A Really Interesting Development In Information Sharing. The UK Adds A Duty To Share Information - With Safeguards.

The following appeared a little while ago.

Caldicott recommends 'duty to share'

11 April 2013   Lis Evenstad
The Caldicott2 review of information governance in the NHS recommends a new duty to share information when it is in the interest of the patient.
'Information: to share or not to share' will be launched on 17 April alongside health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s response to the recommendations.
It details how the NHS should share patient information while also protecting patient confidentiality as it moves towards a paperless future.
Speaking at a Westminster Health Forum this week, Dame Fiona Caldicott – who led the review - said that education and information sharing were key to providing safe care for patients.
“We’ve come as far as to suggest a new Caldicott principle, which is that information should be shared when that is in the patient interest,” she said.
“Some professionals have become over occupied with concerns about the security of information to the point where they are not confident about how to share it.
“They have lost the sense of confidence that they are putting the patient first, and are able to make judgements on information being shared, and with whom, and when it cannot be shared.”
More here:
Here is a link to the study.

Information: To share or not to share?

Information Governance Review

Patients and clients give staff in health and social care personal and confidential information about themselves all the time and they trust that we will protect the information they give.  As we move to a more electronic age, where information can be shared more easily, and across many more types of organisations, the Government accepted the Future Forum’s recommendation for a review of the balance between protecting patient information and its sharing, to improve patient care.  The term used to describe how we manage this is ‘Information Governance’.
Dame Fiona Caldicott has been leading this review with an independent panel of experts, on behalf of the secretary of state.  The panel was asked to make recommendations on the balance between sharing personal information and protecting individuals’ confidentiality taking into account; how to ensure that we improve the sharing of personal information to support the care of individuals; enable the further use of information more widely to improve health and social care services; protect individuals’ confidentiality and respect their wishes in relation to how their information is used.
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There is now a final report released a few days ago -having been  delayed because of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral for a week or so.
The full report can be downloaded from here:
The concept that there is a duty to share information that is in the interests of the patient - presumably with other care providers seems to me to have some interesting implications. Just how you determine what is in the interests of the patient will be a very interesting discussion in the final report.
The response of the UK Health Secretary is interesting. It is clear opt-out has been adopted with safeguards

Press release: Health Secretary to strengthen patient privacy on confidential data use

The Health Secretary today responded to the Caldicott Review, outlining how technology can have a transformational effect on healthcare.

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