Wednesday, July 10, 2013

AusHealthIT Poll Number 174 – Results – 10th July, 2013.

The question was:

Are We Getting Value For Money For The $135M p.a. Being Spent On NEHTA?

Absolutely 24% (12)
Probably 4% (2)
Probably Not 12% (6)
No Way 57% (29)
I Have No Idea 4% (2)
Total votes: 51
This is a pretty clear outcome. 69% are not convinced that NEHTA provides value for money in its work.
Again, many thanks to those that voted!


Paul Fitzgerald said...

One would have to assume that the 24% who believe it is good value actually work for NETHA or DoHA.

Anonymous said...

Of course the parasitically inclined getting taxpayers money for nothing would believe "they're" getting great value for money!

Why wouldn't they, if they're that way inclined?