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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Very Heavy News Day For E-Health. A Lot For One Day!

A few quick links and titles to enjoy.

E-health flaws adding to GP stress

Most doctors reject e-health record system as 'white elephant'

'Scrap it before it bleeds more money' - Edwin Kruys damns e-health

Some fun reading to start the day!


Anonymous said...

An inevitable and long overdue reality check!

Senate Estimates hearing will no doubt provide a polarised view with everything going swimmingly and everyone involved doing such great jobs and the taxpayers are getting such great value for their money.

For those true believers stating it is too early to judge the PCEHR's success or failure at this juncture, if you are to be indulged at taxpayers expense, then please define WHEN will be the correct time and by what CRITERIA can the success or failure of the PCEHR be reasonably and objectively determined before another Dollar($) of taxpayers' funds are WASTED??

Feel free to use this question at the next Senate Estimates hearing!

Anonymous said...

Throw more money at it. Accenture will fix it. A classic IT dilemma. The big boys have access to expertise from across the globe. Have you noticed how the disasters keep getting replicated as the big boys move from one country to another. Why is that so?

Anonymous said...

"Why is that so?"

Elementary my dear Anonymous!

It's the "Peter Principle".

Mr. Fleming and NEHTA's (lack of) performance being a classic case in point, is it not?

Accenture can only be selected and prosper when they have "dumb buyers" (DOHA/NEHTA) handing over taxpayers funds (other peoples’ money) for nothing but failure in return.

One perspective on "Why is that so?"