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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Few Comments On The Election Health Debate - August 27, 2013

1. The two debaters were Ms Tanya Plibersek (Labor) and Mr Peter Dutton (Coalition).

2. Mr Dutton raised the PCEHR debacle in his introductory comments. Said that the PCEHR program was going to be reviewed and that the Coalition had done better in e-Health when in power last - citing GP usage of computers going from 17% to 90%+.

3. However in the debate proper there was not a single comment on e-Health.

4. I would believe overall Ms Plibersek was clearly more on top of the issues than Mr Dutton - however you mileage may vary.

5. No e-Health mentions in the the summary given at the end of the debate and no e-Health questions from the Press.



Anonymous said...

We cannot deny that in terms of practical outcomes such as GP uptake of practice management software that the Libs were successful. Globally, there are no other countries that can claim that level of penetration.

The crime committed by NEHTA and subsequently DOHA - to sideline HCN and Medical Director - and try to develop something without using the GP platform that Australia already had as a base is the big story here.

The Labor Party cannot help but interfere with industry and commercial sector success whenever it can even if it all it needs is bit of further encouragement.

I am glad I have not invested into any Australian eHealth companies because the damage caused by the ALP to these companies and their respective shareholders is shameful.

Let us pray that Australian come to their senses and boot this lot out.

Anonymous said...

Yes David, the whole debate was rather insipid and some what of no value for anyone that has a genuine interest in health.

The reason no eHealth questions from the floor was that no one on the floor has signed up for the PCEHR and seen what an absolute shambles it is.

I can say if Dutton is the alternate health minister, he is going to need alot of support and advice.

Now I know why he did not ask a question for 3 years in the Parliament around health.

He is clearly a mouth piece, nothing further. Time for him to get truly engaged in the health issues of the day and show some level of interest.

Anonymous said...


You can tell what a resounding roar-away success this PCEHR is by the amount of times it was referred to and touted in the debate.

How many times was that?

The fact that BOTH leading parties have centralised Price-setting and Price-fixing as a key pillar for their Health reform agenda shows the degree of economic cluelessness we have at our leadership disposal!

"None of the Above" seems to be the only reasonable and economically viable choice after that debate performance.

Heaven help us!